HipTrain - New York City

Private Trainers in New York City

If there’s one thing that makes someone a New Yorker, it’s their resilience and inner strength. Now HipTrain is helping all residents of the Big Apple stay in shape.

HipTrain is designed to give you a great, personalized workout without needing to pay for an expensive gym membership. Your trainer will develop bodyweight exercises that will work even in a small NYC apartment. If you do have equipment, they will incorporate that into your workouts too!

The best part about HipTrain is that it can be scheduled totally around times that work for you.

HipTrain sessions are all done remotely, via videoconference, so whether you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, we’ve got you covered. Our customers work out with us from their apartments, their gyms, Central Park, Prospect Park, the West Side Highway, Pelham Bay and so many other places around the greatest city in the world.

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